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Review: Prince of Darkness, Kresley Cole

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I bring you the review of one of the last books I've read. I admit that I started with the last book in the series only because I loved the cover (I'm so superficial at times, I can not help xD). Dácil had recommended the series, and despite having the first book at home, I wanted to start this but I swallowed a few spoilers. For what's done is done and I regret it, and now I come to tell you a little about the story ....
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Title: Elpríncipe of dark
Saga: 8 º Immortals of Darkness
Author: Kresley Cole
Editorial: Essence
No. of pages: 448páginas
Binding: Paperback with flaps
Price: € 18
ISBN: 978-84-08-09609-2

Personal Summary (no spoilers):

Lucia is a Valkyrie enigmatic known as the archer with the best aim, which always right arrows to aim and denominated it, suffering unspeakable pain. Absolutamentenada clear that nobody knows about the past of Valkyrie, only two of his sisters, Regina and Nix, know exactly the reasons that lead to the brink of insanity is vecesque allowed to miss a shot.

The reason is that Valkyrie is not any, but muchotiempo ago, with only sixteen, Lucy, so young and innocent einsensata, fully trusted the wrong person (Cruach, The malditosangriento), carrying to suffer the most frightening and painful moments detoda his life. Desperate and on the verge of death, prayed for suvida Valkyrie to Skathi, the goddess of the hunt, which was saved from a death inminenteotorgándole powers and turning it into a skathiana under certain conditions: whenever your arrows fail to achieve the white quel feel immense pain remember its shameful past, would remain pure and chaste goddess dela service, and Ascension, which takes place every five hundred years, deberíaenfrentarse the demon that took her to the brink of death once it is resurrected, throw a heart and arrow drive back to the grave.

Ascension is on again once Lucíaesta leaps and bounds and has other plans for the bloody damn. Valkyrie estádispuesta to do anything to acquire a dieumort a gun to kill diosescasi impossible to achieve because of its rarity and power he wields, but the únicaarma able to annihilate forever Cursed Blood, and the only reason valela worth the effort of your search. However, things get more difficult ponencada Lucia, not only because the gods feel amenazadosy refuse to let you reach the dieumort , but because a host is now pursuing dedemonios the Ascension is about, and also repentinaaparición by an irresistible attraction that will put your life werewolf and sucordura upside down.

Garreth MacRieve , the prince of the werewolf clan is quedade stone before his eyes when he discovers that the attractive punteríaasombrosa archer is nothing more and nothing less than his soul mate. After ysiglos centuries of waiting, Garreth is dominated by the beast within. Elansia of possession and the desire to take and make his partner take over from him. Legrita its most primitive and over again: \u0026lt;\u0026lt; is yours. Take it >> . Little does he know Garreth will have to be patient if you want to win the heart of Lucíay convince her to trust him completely and give body and soul, puesla Valkyrie has vowed chastity and never give your body the werewolf.

Personal Opinion (no spoilers):

The book begins with a prologue acclimated many siglosatrás, where they explain some of Lucy's past, specifically how yporqué became keeper, not a tramp, but a skathiana, serving Skathi, goddess of hunting. After the prologue, we turn to Vartanov where the story really begins. Furthermore, I mencionarque is a part of this book where the history is intertwined with that of Be deamor , the first book in the series (Garreth and Lachlain are brothers) .

The book is narrated in the third person from the point devista of several characters, although the vast majority of seguidamentede Lucia and Garreth. Understand the feelings of both characters really helps it comes to the understanding of their attitudes and also manages to get them to take cariñoa As you know better.

The history andthe atmosphere are two of the most positive aspects of the novel. The autoranos leads to a completely new and fascinating world, full of criaturasparanormales of the most varied and interesting (vampires, werewolves, gods, witches, valkyries, goblins, etc.), Which gives it a twist to the saga originaly attractive. A fantastic world of adventure where there is no room for boredom. In this particular book, the enriched setting, without Asatur, get you advance and visualize scenes conclaridad all times, especially on the trip to the Amazon.

As for the characters we find a good collection of them, some of which have their own history previous releases (as Lachlain first book in the series, or Bowen, tercerlibro of the series), others appearing in previous releases but todavíano have their own history (eg Regin , Sister Lucia's Valkyrie, unpersonaje that I loved for his personality as wild and if not meequivoco whose book is number 10, still no release date in Spain) and nuevospersonajes. is why the characters displayed in previous years querecomiendo that you read the series in order (not that I have done), haysucesos because you are counting that it is better to live in the corresponding book . As I always do, I will focus mainly on dosprotagonistas: Garreth and Lucia .

Lucia is a different valquiriamuy his sisters and even the vanity and greed are two aspectosfundamentales personality of these beings, the past I had quepasa goalkeeper has humanized well, and the time to ladode Garreth will eventually shape their carácterarrogante quite impassive . On the girl is ugly and scary, ytendrá to fight his inner ghosts if you want to go ahead and acceptable to the werewolf in his life . I liked that this may be the last girl holds laque tortured and the guy who is responsible for susheridas lick and heal them with a basis of understanding, trust and affection.

Quote book:
skathianas code consisted of three principles: honesty, chastity and humility. What's honesty led him quite well, the chastity and literally. But what of humility could not understand.

Garreth , "elpríncipe of Darkness", after centuries of waiting lalleg rebellion and loneliness of his soul mate, I am extremely happy with the appearance DeLucia. Enthusiasm which will be instantly tarnished understand that regarding to the Valkyrie will not be as easy as expected . Despite serconsciente that Lucia is greatly attracted to him, he also knows quesus keep secrets and fears the alert by opening a gap inaccessible resentatives and that makes you feel powerless and insecure, something he never thought he podríallegar to happen.

Quote book:
-Lycanthrope, ahórranos both time and effortnecessary. If there is the antonym of the word glib, this would myname.
- Is it because I am a werewolf?
\u0026lt;\u0026lt;'s because you're a male >>
- Before you're right, I'm a Valkyrie. And my kind lasd consider yours just a little above-Asier animales.. Although the werewolves were his declared enemies, older lasvalquirias had fought against them in the past, anterioresAscensiones and during clashes between factions of the Tradition. It decíaque was difficult to see a fully transformed werewolf and sólosucedía that if someone was threatening his soul mate or your plore, but it was enough, so the beast that lived inside them ... hinted
- Ya, maybe others think so, but tuque think? -Preguntóél, and squinted. It is impossible that you agree, and if so, do not go to bed with me tendríasganas.

The resentatives relationship starts out as something purely physical, sexual l. deGarreth The desire for possession and restrained passion of Lucia's will have the cuerpodel crave another, touch, feel and embrace the passion that surrounds . Lucia But not willing to be led by desire, for her identity comoarquera and powers as are sacred skathiana not think losing nadadel world, much less for a man who has already committed unerror once in the past and which pagando.La Valkyrie was still afraid to trust, sentirsevulnerable delivered and the other person when it takes centuries to fend for itself and save them with suspicion their darkest secrets and embarrassing. For her Garrethrepresenta everything you should hate, and yet to be disarmed sienteirremediablemente the personality of the werewolf, its intensamirada and so sensual you pronounce your name \u0026lt;\u0026lt; Lousha >> with that exquisite Scottish accent that characterizes . Garreth And, the past desconocerel Lucia and the grounds on which to refuse, feel helpless, miserable and dejected at being despised and mocked for her soulmate, who Nohara but to flee from it and treated the worst ways. The licántropodeberá be patient and let the goalie see as the needs her hand, WHAT CAN trust him, never hurt you and always will protect porencima of his life. It's a complicated relationship, yet beautiful .

book Quote:
- I've asked around, and I know I'm your almagemela.
He stood up and approached her.
- Let's see what you have discovered.
- Overall, you lose the ability derazonar and you become an animal. Go after me until I get to own me, repeatedly, and strike his neck to score. Nothing will stop you, no jaulaserá strong enough. Have I forgotten something?
- Yes, Lousha. "He ran through his eyes yluego said huskily: You forgot to mention that going to like it.

The book has plenty of erotic scenes from the beginning, so quedais warned. I personally do not bother me at all, sinotodo otherwise if they are justified, and in this case, Loest.

And the bad? I think what we can highlight as being reduced to negative vaa I have not read previous installments of the saga. Hepodido check the history of Garreth and Lucia left their mark on the primerlibro, and I suppose it will do so over the next deliveries. Yolos met in this book, which is the 8 th of the series and the relationship to the top nome convinced. He seemed too stalker, ymasoquista protector, even though their behavior is more than justified by sunaturaleza of werewolf. She by contrast, spends half of libroescapándose him and making its pursuit is unbearable, despite sesiente terribly attracted to him. Enabsoluto not fit me the attitude of both boys and reached even to irritate me. However, when they begin to know the truth, during the viajeal Amazon, the relationship becomes more and more beautiful and moving, so you end up staying cualal love with the couple and the ties that bind.

same thing happened with the style of the author. At first squaring nome finished and I hit some scene early in the novel, when Garreth and Lucia are known. But then I got used to it and catching laironía and sensuality with which history is written.

Conclusion: A history intense, sensual and enigmáticadentro of a saga in which we show a totally atypical oscuroy extremely fascinating. A saga that features a variety of seresparanormales of the most interesting and quite erotic considerable.Todo this point, mixed with a touch of humor, drama and romance that the author sabecombinar to perfection, and a perfectly crafted story full of adventures, and to achieve robarteel heart unospersonajes make The prince of darkness, a perfect book to let you wrap the world of Darkness Highlander . Now it continue go yadmirándolo with previous and later deliveries.

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3 - Craving for passion
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5 - Wishes in the evening
6 - Kiss of the demon king
7 - Tempt me forever

Note :

A big kiss to everyone!


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